Features of the Back Booster Include:

• The test sample, one piece of product BACK BOOSTER was picked at random.

• Test Equipment Used:

• Strain Gage Panel Meter Model DP25B-S Serial # 7030907 Manufacture: Omega Engineering Inc Calibrated 4-16-07

• Load Cell Model LC203-1K Serial # 226043 Range: 0-1000 Lbs Manufacture: Omegadyne Inc Calibrated 4-16-07

• All test equipment traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology (N.I.S.T))

• The test was performed at two different pressures

• @ 500 pounds per square foot held for 45 seconds

• @ 900 pounds per square foot held for 45 seconds

Conclusion: Both pressure tests were successful with no burst or noted degradation of product under test. Download test.



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